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The following talks are taken from BBC Radio 4's "Thought for the Day" series. Most are by Vishvapani, a Triratna member and are given from a Buddhist perspective. Occasionally relevant talks by speakers from various other faith traditions are included.

"This brief, uninterrupted interlude has the capacity to plant a seed of thought that stays with listeners during the day. Thought for the Day is broadcast during the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 every morning at around 7.45am."

Friday, 8 May 2015

Responding With Compassion

This is Vishvapani's talk from Saturday the 2nd of May which has finally arrived.

In this "thought" Vishvapani relates an incident when he glimpsed, for a moment that his separateness was an illusion which had grown alongside the illusions that education and relative affluence made him special and that the things he looked to for security could somehow hold off his own mortality and vulnerability. He then says how often we turn away from the suffering around us or in the news. But, following the Nepalese earthquake, what happens when we open up?


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